“Love, Sex, and Understanding the Universe” Now Available.

“Love, Sex, and Understanding the Universe” Now Available.

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LSUU Kindle cover 10.18.13

Jim first hears the word bisexual on the same day in the sixth grade that he realizes how intelligent he is. He embraces the label, but soon discovers how difficult his life is going to be. At age sixteen his formerly liberal parents turn born-again Christian. His boyfriend Rick, who is also bi and has a girlfriend, isn’t ready to come out of the closet, and if his parents knew what the two of them were doing in Rick’s basement apartment, they’d never let Jim stay there. In collage, Jim takes on hedonistic girlfriend, Amy, but she doesn’t seem to want to know who Jim really is. After a traumatic breakup, Jim moves to San Francisco to finally be out and open but instead everything gets insanely complicated. Struggling to be true to himself in a world where no-one seems to want him to be who he is, Jim spirals into mental chaos, juggling living between two lies. Then he discovers that love finds its own way, and ends up with more than he’s sure he can handle.


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