Asking the Question: Am I Bisexual?

Asking the Question: Am I Bisexual?


3 thoughts on “Asking the Question: Am I Bisexual?

  1. Oh, what a question for sure. I spent all of my life trying to figure out what it is about me that makes me who I am. I have always felt more inclined to be in a relationship with a woman, than a man, but I could never figure out why I found sexual interactions to be completely okay and valid with both. I was well into my 30s, before I even began to contemplate what my sexuality was – I had simply denied I had same-sex attractions and attempted to rationalize it away. Eventually, I began to just consider the possibility that I’m bisexual, and when it came across in my mind, there was a calming effect to it. Granted, that doesn’t mean, I don’t struggle with the implications in my daily life, but the reality of accepting it is reassuring.

      1. Well, I think some people have this idea that bisexuality is a wonderful thing in porn…but think that is the only place it should exist. Sadly, I was one of those for a long, long time and then one day I had it in my had: Why am I so offended at myself for being bisexual? It didn’t rationalize itself to me overnight, it took a long time.

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