Biphobia on a Losing Streak

Biphobia on a Losing Streak


5 thoughts on “Biphobia on a Losing Streak

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    I enjoyed this article very much and wanted to pass it along to my bisexual, pansexual and all other friends here who might appreciate if

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    After years of working with pride groups, fighting for gay rights, and lobbying against discrimination, I really appreciate that bisexual issues seemed to have recently received more attention in the LGBT and academic communities. I am glad I started supporting HRC 25 years ago. The work those types of organizations helped build some essential groundwork for fighting some of the worst, nastiest aspects of LGBT discrimination. This was especially true in the early 1990’s when the number of our supporters and allies were tiny compared to now. However, now a much larger portion of the general population is more sympathetic and knowledgeable of LGBT issues, I’m also gratified that the HRC and LGBT-friendly organizations in general are being called to broaden their own work, understanding and responsiveness to issues regarding the entire spectrum of the LGBTQI communities.

    1. Thank you for all your years of activism! Yes, it’s very encouraging that these groups are now (finally!) supporting bisexuals. But as I say in that blog, there is still so much to do to keep these groups accountable and to get other LGBT groups to recognize the serious state of biphobia and it’s destruction. Thank you for re-blogging and taking the time to comment!

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