Bisexual Batman

Author Harrie Farrow's alter ego.
Bisexual Batman Author Harrie Farrow’s alter ego

How I suddenly became Bisexual Batman:

I was new to twitter and trying to figure out what to do on there. The main character in my novel “Love, Sex, and Understanding the Universe”  is bisexual, so I figured I’d focus on that topic.

I started doing searches on twitter on the word “bisexual” to see what people were tweeting about this word. Among what I found was way too many biphobic tweets. I started replying to these tweets with comments letting them know their words were not okay.

Some days later, I posted on Reddit/Bisexual – which I have been active in – the comment “I am like Batman for Bisexuals on Twitter” and explained what I was doing on twitter.

I got a lot of great response. Someone made this nifty logo. Someone else said I should be @BisexualBatman on twitter. Many responded enthusiastically to both of these things.

Meanwhile, totally unrelated, on a Bisexual FB page I’m active in, someone said something about “Bisexual Batman.” I took this as a sign, and  became Bisexual Batman on twitter. The response was so good I started using my “alter-ego” also on tumbler and elsewhere, always trying to combat biphobia and encourage bi pride and bi visibility.


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