Consulting, Writing, and Speaking on Bisexual Inclusivity, Sensitivity, Mental Health Issues, and Disparities.

For those who want to learn about bisexuals and the bisexual community – to understand how best to serve, include, not offend, and/or market to bisexuals.

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Whether you’re are a corporation wanting to be sure your bisexual employees or clients feel comfortable and respected, or an LGBT organization realizing that being bi-inclusive is an important step way overdue, there are multiple nuances in how to go about this effort that can make or break your intent.

Using terms or making references considered politically incorrect by many in the bi community can make your best intentions backfire, resulting in alienating the very community you are trying to reach out to. Many people are only now just beginning to understand that being aware of gay and lesbian issues is not enough and not the same as being aware of bisexual community’s needs, concerns, and issues.

As a bisexual journalist, blogger, advocate, and educator with a vast background in, and intimate connection with, the bisexual community, bisexual organizations, and bisexual leaders, I can help you and/or your organization work for or with bisexual people in the best possible manner.

Whether you’d like someone to review the ideas you have for bi-inclusivity, or want suggestions for changes you should make on the wording of your website, or links to resources, or would like ideas on how to bring your group’s services to the bi community’s attention, I have the knowledge, background, and insights to guide you.

The fact that bisexuality is a distinct orientation with distinct challenges, complications, and joys, expressly different from those of gays and lesbians, has been historically neglected.

Searching online for information on bisexuality and the bisexual community, one finds that more often than not, bisexual is listed as a subcategory or an apparent vague afterthought under gay and or lesbian and/or LGBT. Looking at these websites, frequently it isn’t even acknowledged that bisexuals have concerns, issues, or dialogues different from those of gays or lesbians, and where the difference is acknowledged, it is cursory and limited.

About Me – My Qualifications for Bisexual Consulting

  • I have a degree in Psychology, with a minor in Human Sexual Studies, from San Francisco State University. (Suma Cum Laude honors)
  • My writings on bisexuality, the bisexual community, and bisexual issues, have been published extensively.
  • I am strongly connected with the bisexual community, and am well acquainted with bisexual resources, and bisexual community leaders.
  • I’ve been out as bisexual for decades.
  • I’ve studied bisexual issues for decades.
  • I have had intimate conversations – from the 1970’s to present – with a great many bisexuals about their lives, problems, and joys.
  • My ongoing daily interactions on social media such as Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, with a huge variety of bisexuals, has given me much insight into the issues faced by bisexuals of different ages, genders, geographic locations, races, lifestyles, and life choices.
  • For more about who I am please read my Bio page.

There is wisdom in accepting and understanding that sometimes “getting bi” requires a little help from an expert.

Let’s Get Started on Getting You to a Bi Literate, Bi Sensitive, Bi Inclusive Place.

Are you ready to better help or access the bisexual community?

Email me to discuss how I can help: ( For Bisexual Consulting Services

Consulting Services for Those Who Need to Learn More About Bisexuality.

I offer consulting, writing and speak on bisexual related issues for:

  • Press/media
  • LGBT organizations
  • Nonprofits servicing bisexuals
  • Therapists, Life coaches, and other Mental Health Workers
  • Religious personnel
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Companies marketing to bisexuals
  • Workplaces
  • Other groups, organizations, companies, or agencies.